Blackberry spies

1) Frosty Jack & Black 'cocktails' at Prue's 2) The helpful policeman 3) The view from the roof of a cafe in Hamble 4) A dinner comparison, mine on the left & Bob's on the right 5) My spotty nails 6) Nelson, my dog

I thought it'd be nice to include more photos from my mundane and (usually) totally uneventful existence, as seen through my Blackberry, with the aim of summing up the week. 
This first collection is filled with lies unfortunately. The cocktails were taken at Prue's birthday pre-drinks which was weeks ago, and the picture of Nelson is probably the first photo I took when I got my BB. Also, the policeman is the one who attended the car crash I was in with my nan, which was last Saturday, as was our trip to Hamble.
Sorry dear readers, but at least I am honest.

Unfortunately I didn't have enough snaps for this weeks post, but from now on I will make a conscious effort to photograph anything that is remotely interesting. In quite poor quality and with a very unsteady hand of course.
So much to look forward to! 

I had to share the evidence of mine and Bob's meals this evening, because I don't think they could be more opposing in nutritional value.
My healthy little number consisted of salmon, new potatoes in a parsley butter and a colourful selection of vegetables. Yummy, and kind on the figure.
Bob's dinner/breakfast has definitely put him at risk of some sort of coronary disease, I could practically hear his arteries being clogged with fat as we munched. 4 sausages, 2 rashers of bacon, 2 eggs, 4 hash browns, 2 slices of toast, and a whole tin of beans. 
Was I jealous? HELL NO! I was content with my vegetables, and my protein and...the health...

If a bacon sandwich just happens to jump into my mouth later this evening, I believe it will be the work of God rather than my ever-growing belly. 
He put pigs on this earth so that we may feast upon their smoked rashers of goodness!
Who ever said that religion created all the world's problems, I have just undoubtedly proved that it solves them.

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