Book worm

Hi my name is Seoana and I am a bag addict. 
Big bags, small bags, satchels and clutch bags - you name it and I'm sure to have it. Even the plainest outfit can be instantly injected with a shot of style with the right tote, and until I have the funds to afford my dream designer carrier, I take a 'more the merrier' approach to this most useful of accessories. Until fairly recently that is, when I took the brave decision to cull my collection and whittle it down to a few essentials. 

Since being at uni/employed I've been rotating three options, all big enough to accumulate the daily clutter necessitates; diary, make-up, umbrella, kindle, kitchen sink etc... 
What I haven't had the opportunity to use lately are my favourite type of holdalls; that stunning little ensemble that completes an evening's attire. Clutch bags - or any small bag that is pretty enough to be worthy of working alongside a killer dress and heels - are just big enough to fit in cash and keys, and most definitely could not to be mistaken for a common 'day-bag'. However when I started thinking about outfits for my birthday next month (I like to plan ahead) I realised to my horror I had left myself with a very limited choice.

Since moving out of my student house, there is no longer the option of three wardrobes to raid. I have to make do with my own sorry collection, which is shamefully small. So when I had a flick through the latest issue of Company, my heart skipped a beat when I saw these little beauties. 

I'd seen a handful of celebrities sporting these novel (HA, get it) clutch bags, including Michelle Williams, Natalie Portman and Emma Roberts. Taking geek chic to a whole new level, these cute clutches take famous stories and use their covers as decoration. Options I've seen include Lolita, The Great Gatsby and Jane Austen's Emma. Being a self-confessed book worm I was keen to get my hands on one, however when I saw the price tag attached to the Olympia Le Tan designs, I knew that until I had published my own successful story, there was no way I could afford one.

And so, the charming handmade creations from P.S Besitos are just what I need to satisfy my kitsch craving. From children's classics like The Tale of Peter Rabbit and Alice In Wonderland, to classic cook books, there are enough literary purses to fill a library. And at only £40, it's definitely tempting to do just that. I'm left to wonder how long it'll take before some clever crafter fashions a Harry Potter version, and whether I'll be able to decide between the seven books...

Book bags


Bird is the word

Swooping onto the catwalk again this season has been an invasion of all things feathery. Once again, wings are the in thing, as all things birdy have been seen across apparel and accessories. 

From parrot-like brights, to soft and ethereal feather prints, this look has been countlessly interpreted to provide a flock of choice in both the designer and high-street stores. If head-to-toe print isn't your thing, there is a wide range of dainty accessories to channel your inner nature-lover.

As I researched the fashion further, I was overwhelmed with the gorgeous decorative accessories that were available to feature in your home and crafting. Wall stickers, stationery, fabrics, magnets, tea-towels...it's easy to inject a touch of fashion into your everyday life. www.notonthehighstreet.com, my new go-to site for quirky gifts, feature tons of unique home accessories that will set your heart a'flutter. www.willowandstone.com offer a range of pretty prints and birdy stationery, that will make writing lists much less of a chore. I for one am eagerly awaiting the day the magazine goes to print, so that I can 'sample' some of the cute little post-it-notes. Perks of the job and all...

Bird print