Work Experience at Aceville Publications - Day 1


OMG what a day. Such a crazy mess it feels like a whole week has passed since this morning! Though, this morning was a LONG time ago.
I was up at 5.45. Never have I seen that time of day (more like night) unless I haven't been to bed yet.
I was at the station at 7 o' clock, ready to begin my journey to Hythe. But alas, the trains weren't ready to make that trip for me.

My first train, due at 7.07, was delayed by 20 minutes. I got to Shenfield for my first change and had to wait another 15 minutes to leave to get to Colchester. Which is where the real trouble began. The train for Hythe was due to arrive at 8.16. 8.16 came and went. The train was delayed unil 8.50. I was due to start work at 9, so had come to terms with the fact I was going to be a few minutes late. That, I could deal with.

What I couldn't deal with was then getting on the train, only to be kicked off it 10 minutes later because the doors were broken. And then being told it had been terminated completely. After a horrific four hour journey home last night, I was ready to damn all of public transport to hell.

Cue a panicked call to Aceville, where the wonderful Natalie told me not to worry, 3 of her colleagues were stuck at the same station as me. So, armed only with the knowledge of their coat colours, I went off to meet them. The three lovely ladies and myself decided there was no point waiting ANOTHER hour for a train, we would get a taxi!

And so, only 40 minutes late, I arrived.

I was immediately greeted by the editor of Crafts Beautiful (the top selling craft magazine in the country) Sarah Crossland, who told me I'd be working with deputy editor Lizzie. We went to the meeting room where I was given my first task. Not putting the kettle on, not photocopying, BUT writing the copy for a project book which is to be given away with the June issue.
Pressure much?!

Nervous, but excited, and clutching an armful of envelopes containing ready-made cards, I sat down at my desk (so cool!) and began typing.

I've got until Wednesday to write the copy for 18 projects, I got 7 done today so I should be on track!

Admittedly I'm not the craftyest person, it's my mum that subscribes to the magazine and has been making cards as long as I remember, but I'm really enjoying it! I get to be creative with the titles, standfirsts and introductions which is so much fun to do! And I think I'm gonna be able to write the intoductory page to the book and have my piccie in (cringe) which is pretty awesome!

Asides from the work itself, everyone is lovely! It's such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and it's awesome to see how a magazine goes from research, to writing copy, taking photos (they have their own studio), to subbing and then next week I'll get to see the design process and then watch it go to print!

I'm sooo tired though, I got in at half 7 so that was pretty much a 12 hour day?!
Glee and then bed for me!

Here's what I wore, just to include some cheeky piccies (took on my sisters digital camera as she stole her Canon this eve, bitch)

 Blouse, Primark; Chinos, New Look
Brogues, Next

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed the trains are behaving!


  1. maaaaate, delayed trains are so not ideal. Being your calm self I'm sure you didn't stress too much ;) haha!
    I'm totes following your daily aceville updates, so keep them coming!!

    Good luck for tomorrow schweeettheaaart!

  2. aww no I think that can officially be counted as the journey from hell lol... I saw on your twitter this morning that todays journey went much more smoothly...

    Well done on your first day though and also congrats for your first 'assignment' (I think thats what it would be called >_<)



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