I did something interesting today.
What better to do on a Saturday afternoon that get yourself some ink.

I decided to get a celtic-style four leaf clover on my wrist. I'm part Irish, so that was where the whole clover part came in, repping the heritage. Four leaves also stand for the four members of the fam, cute eh. Lastly, who doesn't need a bit of luck now and then?

Here it is right after I got it done. Slightly swollen and red. My arm looks bizarre, not like a limb in the slighest

Et voila, here it is now. And you can actually tell it's my arm this time, win

And a close -up shot. It's still pretty swollen but not as red

I didn't really know what to expect, because you get such different reactions from people about how much it hurts. I think I have a pretty high pain threshold...some of the time. When it comes to purposeful pain like piercings anyway. If I stub my toe I cry like a baby.
It wasn't painful, it was a bit uncomfortable. But not unberarable. Like sitting against a really hot radiator, it burns but you bear it anyway because it's that kind of enjoyable pain?

Anyway, I'm really pleased with it, £25 and an afternoon well spent. I say an afternoon, it took about 2 minutes, I literally didn't believe the tattoist when she said she'd finished.

Nowwww I want more...oops.
But it's not something I'd rush into, I wouldn't get something just because I liked it or because it's in fashion. I've been thinking about this for ages and I'd have to do the same with the rest, but I'll definitely be in contact with the needles again ;)


  1. That's so cute, and a good meaning behind it too!

    I really want a tattoo, two actually; a pair of swallows on my feet but I haven't saved enough pennies or found enough bravery yet lol


  2. Thaanks :)

    Ooh yeah that'd be pretty. Swallows make really nice tattoos.
    It is a lottta money isn't it! I mean, £25 was good but considering it took no more than 3 minutes it does work out quite a lot!

    It's honestly not that bad, it's the not knowing what it feels like that's the worst!
    Once you get the first prick of the needle its fine, just grit your teeth and bear it! :D

  3. Yeah it is expensive, but I guess you have it for life so in a cost by wear situation it's a bargain lol.

    Hopefully in the next year i will have my swallows :)

  4. Love your tattoo! It's so cute.
    Happy Easter! :)
    Teenage Daydreams


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