Skinny Genes

The lure of Two for Tuesdays was too much to resist. At 2am, the laptop came out and the Dominos was ordered. For the third day in a row. Big sigh. 
The one commiseration, I didn't finish it all. I left 2 of my 8 slices, and instead of eating them today I have kindly donated them.

That was the last time though. A new, healthier way of life begins today.
(The 30 cans of coke that were just purchased from Asda do not count. At just £8, it was economic sense right?)

In my bid to get skinny again I decided to sample some of the slimming shakes that are on offer. As I'm actually living the poor student stereotype at the moment and am desperately awaiting the next pay day, I went straight for the Asda version. 

Advertised as a meal replacement, it apparently contains all the 'essential vitamins and minerals' of a meal. And chocolate flavour, what's not to love!
While I certainly wouldn't be slurping it out of choice (it kinda tastes like really bad American chocolate) it's bearable, and may be an option in these desperate times. 
Tomorrow I shall be venturing into the dark world of SlimFast, to see if their offerings are any more tasty.

While I was there I also picked up some necessities. You can't beat a supermarket bargain!

Timotei Intense Repair Shampoo & Conditioner - £1 each
Original Source Golden Pineapple shower gel - £1
Clear skin deep cleansing facial wash - £1.60

Oh my god this shower gel smells so yummy. I love Original Source products, I definitely can't find better scented products on the market.

Now it's Apprentice time, then I'll be watching some of the DVD'S that were also purchased on the Asda run, Atonement and Tangled. Standard night in.
But this time I'll be snacking on fruit, and not Dominoes. 
Fingers crossed...

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  1. Oh to be a student again, junk food at 2am, all nighters, fancy dress...how I miss it!!
    I've never thought to try slimming shakes, lemme know how it goes!


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