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Happy March!

Another month gone already. Granted, it's the shortest one of the year, but it still feels as though Christmas was only the other week. The repeatitiveness of each week makes them go so fast, uni, break, work, uni, break work...such a boring little life!

There's only a month to go before all my work is due in, and then it's Easter and I'm pretty much done for the year. Then it'll be nothing but weeks and months of summer to look forward to...
Got some work experience lined up for the Easter Holiday & Summer though, so hopefully that'll stop me going too stir crazy during the endless days of nothingness. Might have to get another job to fill the days/nights...especially as I'm planning to stay in Southampton most of the Summer. EURGH student life. It's two extremes, constantly busy with no time to think then sweet f all to do the rest of the time.

I went to see No Strings Attached this evening, with Alix, Prue and Leanne. I really am getting the most out of the Orange Wednesday Tickets recently!
It was nice to see Natalie Portman in a slightly less disturbing role, though her neurotic character still had issues - 'intimacy' ones to be precise.
The film was based on the premise of 'Friends with Benefits' - having a relationship based purely on sex with no strings attached. None of the complicated business of being in a relationship; jealousy, arguments...all that lovely stuff that comes with being a couple.

Without giving the ending away, it's a stereotypical happy conclusion - completely unrealistic and sappy.

It was an enjoyable film though, with a lot of laugh-out-loud moments and memorable quotes including:
"You fight like a hamster"
"It's like a crime scene in my pants" (sick, but hilarious)

It's one of those films that you can't help but thinking into more; can this sort of relationship really exist? Can you just have a purely physical relationship, without any of the messy emotional stuff?

There are people who say it can, and others who disagree completely.
I think that the fact that you like someone enough to sleep with them surely means there is some sort of emotional connection there, you wouldn't have sex with someone you didn't fancy surely?!

Maybe it's the stereotypical thing that boys can detach themselves from their emotions whereas girls just can't (although this idea is reversed in the film).

Emotions always get in the way, there isn't a magic button to switch them off, and you have to deal with them eventually, whether it's at the start of a 'relationship' or somewhere in the middle.

What do you think - can you just be friends with benefits? Does such a thing exist?


  1. friends with benefits will always end in a relationship or a (friendship) break up, it can never just be sex, unless it's with a stranger. thats my opinion anyway! x

  2. i know how quickly are the months going x

  3. I have been debating seeing this, since I assume it would be horrible. But it seems that everyone really like it! Guess I'll have to go see it. She is so precious, how can you not love Natalie?

  4. Definitely worth seeing, I wasn't that keen but it really suprised me!
    Had me close to tears with laughter at parts!
    She's everywhere atm isn't she?! And preggers as well, go Natalie!x


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