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Soo busy atm with uni work and impending deadlines, I feel like I've constantly got one thing or another to do.
Thank god I haven't been working at Next as well, I think I may actually have perished by now.

Anyway, this is just a little feature I did about how Black Swan has inspired other artists to imitate the classical ballet look in their s/s collections.
I will hopefully get back to some more interesting/in-depth posts soon!

Designer Dancers
Black Swan hit our cinema screens this year and cleaned up at the Awards, and its influence is now seeping into the world of fashion.

            It wasn’t just Natalie Portman’s harrowing performance that captivated us in Black Swan, the fabulous costumes designed by Rodarte have captured the imagination of designers across the globe.
The Black Swan

The White Swan

Rodarte teamed up with Swarovski to create the breathtaking designs for the film, which enhance the drama of the characters Portman plays whilst providing a stunning visual reference for the story.
Magazines have been filled with designer interpretations of this graceful and whimsical theme, with tulle and lace in abundance. Bodysuits, pleated skirts and sheer layers create a romantic look, perfect for balmy summer days.
            Valentino, ChloĆ© and Max Azria perfected the look on the runways, with effortless draping in muted hues and understated hair and make-up.

Max Azria


The softly coloured, sheer fabrics evoke a dreamy style that is a sharp contrast to the harsh, masculine tailoring we have also seen on the catwalk this season. This is the definition of femininity; elegant, delicate and demure.

It’s enough to make you want to tie up your ballet shoes and pirouette your way to the nearest dance hall. We are welcoming back the ballerina dreams of our childhood, with a sophisticated update for the new generation.


  1. These runway looks are fabulous!!! BEAUTIFUL!!:D

    Stop by some time:D


  2. Anonymous18/3/11 16:09

    ♥Love your blog♥

  3. I love the floaty romantic looks that are coming out - perfect for spring and summer! You write really nicely as well! very evocative!
    Sam xx

  4. Mia: I know, I can't wait for the weather to change so I can wear such pretty things! Will do ;)

    Mary: Thanks love, I'm gonna take a peek at yours in a moment!

    Sam: Definitely, it's nice to have some really girly stuff back in fashion again as opposed to more 'masculine tailoring'.
    Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoy, it's really nice to hear (well, read) such positive feedback! :)


  5. I hadn't noticed that trend! Oh cool is that!

  6. so in love with the chloe collection! x

  7. Love this post and all the to die for fashion....oh how I LOVE Valentino!!!!!! I am a new follower just found your blog :) glad i did

  8. Kelly: It's so nice isn't it, such a welcome change to wear something floaty again!

    Klee: It's such gorgeous colours, ohh if I were a millionaire...

    Kendra: Thanks very much! :) Just taken a peek at yours, all the gorgeous flowers make me wish Spring would hurrrry up!


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