Just a quick one tonight, as I am in the middle of preparations to go out for one of my best friend Laura's birthdaaaay.
Not really worth an outfit post because:
a) I have a rubbish camera
b) The lighting in my room is shocking
c) Outfit is quite plain and simples

Got a little body-con ribbed number from Topshop, at £18 I thought it was quite a bargain for them so may have to invest in another colour besides purple ;)

Thought I'd show you the most interesting part of my outfit; my hands. Specifically nails and rings.

I've got the ever-so-famous Barry M Instant Nail Effects on.
After being on every blog it was pretty much impossible to get hold of, so when my sister saw a couple of bottles left in the Boots back at home she grabbed one for me. Now it seems to be everywhere though; there were shelves of the stuff in Superdrugs in town today!

Thought I'd give it a go with Orange underneath (Barry M Tangerine) for a kinda tiger effect?
Not sure if that's quite what I've achieved but I like it none the less. One hand does look ridiculously different from the other but I think that's the fun of it.

On my left hand I'm wearing a leaf ring which I was lusting after for ages but being a poor student didn't get one until the January sales where I nabbed one from Topshop for something silly like £1.20!
On the other hand I'm wearing a purple oval stone ring from Matalan and a tiger head ring, also from Matalan.

(Had to stick them all on one hand to make taking a piccy easier. Apologies for the terrible quality, took them on my phone cos my camera ran out of batt the fiend! Oh and my red cuticles, had red polish on beforehand)

I've gone a bit ring crazy atm, taking a cheeky trip to Lakeside on Friday so now doubt I'll add more to my collection ;)


  1. Thanks! :)
    All bargains too, the ones from Matalan were both under £2 as well!
    If I get some more gems from my shopping trip on Friday I'll be sure to do a little haul post :)

  2. Anonymous23/2/11 21:52

    Your nails look awesome =)

    I just started a blog up too

    Pebbzs Blog


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