All Creatures Great and Small...

So Virgin suck.
Their failed attempt at setting up the internet in my new house has meant that after a brief but glorious reminder of the web, it has been snatched cruelly away from me. So I am back to feeling isolated in my little world of rubbish Blackberry internet, where blogging is an impossibility.

'But how are you typing this post?' I hear you cry in indignation. Well, I'm currently furiously bashing away at the keyboard on my desk at The Southern Daily Echo, desperately trying to finish this post.

Although I definitely don't have the dough for any internet splurges, it doesn't hurt to look does it? And one thing that jumped out at me was a jewellery trend that is perfect for the summer, especially with bold, birght colour clashes dazzling our wardrobes, and more tropical prints in Topshop than in Hawaii.

While head-to-toe leopard print is best left to Bette Lynch, why not adorn yourself with the vast range of animal accessories that are filling up the high-street's jewellery stands.
From delicate earrings, to chunky statement rings, everyone needs to unleash their inner beast this summer.

Here are five of my favourite pieces from three of the stores leading the trend, Topshop, River Island and New Look:

Just make sure to keep it simple, too many pieces are you'll end up looking like a walking zoo tribute. Less is more roar ;)


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