I'm all for comfort dressing. There's nothing better after a long day (/hour) at uni than chucking the outfit that took all morning to prepare in the washing basket and slipping into some PJs. It's practically a tradition in our house, you step through the door and into your trackies. Our lounge is littered with an assortment of blankets and pillows, duvet day is everyday
But I don't think I'm quite ready to embrace winter's latest weird and wonderful trend, Pyjamas.

Sure, we've already seen slouchy silk tops and harem trousers dominate the catwalk last season, but this is taking things a step further. This is a combination of barely-there slip dresses and matching printed tops and trousers. Loose-fit, of course. Underwear as outerwear is a thing of the past, fashionistas should be showing us what they wear in the bedroom, literallyCorsets are a lost relic, as is anything remotely figure-flattering. Androgyny has reached a whole new level.

(l-r BCBG Max Azria, Proenza Schouler, Karen Walker, D&G)
(Celine, Louis Vuitton)

Well designers, I'm sorry to disappoint but my house-mates and I have been rocking this style for years now. We pop down to Sainsburys on a weekly basis in our garishly-patterned, ill-fitting apparel, getting many a look of admiration (not disgust) from passers by. So all those months of head-scratching and frustrated sketching have gone to waste, your hot new trend has already been done to death. 

Seriously though, I can't see this style dominating the high-street any time soon, except in the nightwear departments. While I'm not adverse to a cheeky flannel button-down pajama-esque shirt, I certainly won't be donning a pair of trousers to match. Unless it's in the comfort of my own home. 
Note to Santa: Bring me some pretty, cosy pjs please. Preferably the Celine pair, but Marks & Spencer will do. 


  1. haha hmm don't think this is a trend I'll be taking out of the house haha

    Serendipity Style Blog

  2. AMEN... i could've said it better myself.
    I can't see anyone pulling this look off on the busy streets of Sydney.



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