I apologise.

I've been a bad blogger. 
I could give you 101 quite valid excuses, but really my main problem has been a severe case of writer's block, mixed with a large heap of laziness and too much goddam uni work. Oh, and a dire lack of internet for many, many months, thanks very much to the idiots at Virgin for managing to Tweet me several times but being unable to perform the fairly simple task of booking an appointment to fix our bloody connection.Thankfully, saviour came in the form of a humble piece of post from Orange offering me cheap internet and free M&S vouchers. What's not to love. 

Anyway let me take a moment to ramble on about some of the more memorable events that have occurred in life since we last spoke. For your enjoyment, here they are in picture form:

1) I turned 21 on 17/09/11, and decided that the only way to celebrate this was to have Halloween early with a horror themed party. Any excuse to douse myself in fake blood. Also, I can pull off my natural 'deathly pale' look without being mistaken for an albino. Twas a marvellous evening, of which I remember everything. Until the Absynth came out. I only know what happened after this due to excruciatingly cringey video evidence.

2) I did the whole angel stint again, for the last time (sobs). Although this year's bunch of Freshers were surprisingly tame/lame I still managed to have a pretty good night, and I blagged about ten slices of Dominos and multiple free cocktails from the Fresher's fair ;)

3) 69 Morris Road has a new resident! :) Adding to the menagerie we have a kitty cat named Simba (homage to the re-release of The Lion King obvs). When this photo was taken he was such a cutie... all a distant memory now. While the face remains the same he has turned into a devious little bastard, who enjoys eating toes and dipping his whiskers into your beverage. While my fellow house-mates retain a fairly positive attitude about his relationship with the hamsters, I will not be surprised if one day we find a furry little corpse with a very smug looking Simba standing over it...

4) The legend that is Eveey P also turned the big 2-1, and her awesome theme was 'What did you want to be when you grew up?' She looked stunning as Audrey Hepburn, I of course could go as no one else but my all time favourite literary/film character Harry Potter. I had it all, Hedwig, wand, Firebolt and even the sword of Godric Gryffindor. Unfortunately, the Firebolt snapped in half, my wand went walkabouts, the sword was stolen and Hedwig, staying true to character, perished. However, this was due to my careless placement of her on a candle rather than catching a killing curse in the face. To add to the downright disaster of the evening, I managed to set fire to the cape I was wearing, which happened to be Eveey's brother's graduation robes...definitely not going to be invited back to the Petrusic house any time soon. Oh and I puked in their bush. Again, apologies Eve. And, perhaps worst of all, I dropped my most precious of possessions, my Blackberry, into a dustbin full of freezing cold water. GOOD times. Thankfully, the healing powers of rice (?! thank you google...) restored it to its former glory <3 Asides from all the mishaps, it was an awesome party. When there's a pool-house involved, how can it not be?

5) It was HALLOWEEN! To a creep-freak like me, the best holiday of the year. Bob and I decided to go all out and, being slightly obsessed with horror and everything that encompasses it, spent a night at Tulley's Farm Shocktober Fest. The number one Halloween attraction in the UK, it features a variety of different 'haunts' (mazes) designed to scare the...spirit out of you. Which it well and truly did, Bob was crying and shaking the whole time bless his little cottons. After staying in a fancy hotel for the night we went home and carved some pumpkins (Bob's on the left, mine on the right) and watched tons of scary films. Perfecto. On the actual night itself, although we technically didn't go out, me and Eve decided to paint our faces and run up and down the street 'scaring' people driving past. (l-r: Laura, skeleton face, Eve, dead...leopard lady, Me, dead child).

Annnnd I think that's about it. It may seem like I've been busy having the time of my life, but I can assure you, I have not. Life is horrible. These glimpses of fun were spread over the space of 2 1/2 months. The rest of the time I am a dead-eyed, grey-skinned shell of myself, suffering from a hideous condition which has ruined my social life and stripped my soul of any hint of fun or happiness. Uni has killed me. Freshers and Second Years, make the most of being alive while you can, it's all downhill from there. Nights out will be replaced with nights in clawing your hair out in front of your laptop, trips to town will be substituted by trips to the library. Life becomes a never-ending stream of hand-ins and late nights, free from alcohol of course. The government should be paying me for this.

Which leads me on to my awful lack of blogging. Understandable now I hope. 
And now for my ulterior motive. Shameless self-promotion.

The powers that be at uni have decided that it would be a brilliant idea for us to start a blog! Err...cool. Most of us already have one...well done. But due to ridiculous rules and regulations it has to be a totally new blog, and on Tumblr. Gag. I've just about managed to deal with making things work on here, why make me use a whole new website you swines?! It also has to have a particular theme, "something original, that is relevant and interesting". So, in a selfish bid to get myself some new hobbies, mine is focussed on the 'vintage lifestyle' i.e. a return to 'traditional' hobbies such as baking and sewing. It's going to have a whole mixture of things: how-to's, interviews, pictures, maybe even some cheeky videos if I can get over my technophobia and work out how to operate a video camera. It's something I am actually interested in (oh god, I sound so old and boring. To digress, I recently went deaf in one ear so I actually am fully living up to the granny stereotype these days) and also a bit of a dedication to the legend that is Debs, whose baking masterpieces have kept me and my friends abundant in sweet treats throughout my time at uni. 

So here's a little linky, there's no actual content on there yet but keep your eyes peeled. If you want to know how (not) to bake cakes then check it outttt.

To close, a nice bit of aural pleasure for you all. I quite liked the original song, but after being directed to the Live Lounge version by Eveey P, I can't stop listening to it. Well, watching it. The old chap on the end of the choir looks like he's having the time of his life, getting his rapper moves on.

I predict you will enjoy...

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  1. well you sure made up for not blogging with that mahoosive post . . am down at mums for Winchester xmas fair on 24th nov, will you be around to join in the fun, (help me survive two nights and three days) pretty pleasssseeeeeee


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