The Other One

While everyone else's attention may be firmly fixed on a certain pregnant member of Destiny's Child (it's just a baby, it's not going to come out of the womb singing and/or rapping you overexcited fools) my focus has been on new X Factor judge Kelly Rowland.

Cheryl's designer clad feet have barely left the judging panel, and already Kelly is stealing her style crown - way before the live shows and the spectacular frocks. Her quirky and cool outfits combined with THE most shiny hair to have ever graced a television screen are a far cry from some of the tacky coordinated disasters that appeared in the DC days.

My favourite so far has been the yellow blazer ensemble, having a penchant for a nice bit of tailoring and a bright colour, it was a perfect example of relaxed, effortless style.
While I definitely won't be sporting the killer heels around campus, (or ever) and bare legs would get frostbite in this weather, this look could easily be adapted to suit the recent chillier climate with some black opaques. There's now less than a month until uni starts again and, being on a fashion course, sporting a stylish first-day-back outfit is about as essential as having a pen and paper. Adding another blazer to 
the collection will definitely be on my back-to-school agenda, especially with the ol' birthday coming up (I like money).

Anyone who buys me this necklace would have my eternal love and gratitude.


  1. Great post! I love Kelly's style too and you've put a great outfit together xx

  2. http://www.zeldawiki.org/Eye_Symbol

    They ripped off Zelda! :O xxx

  3. I do think Kelly Rowland doesn't get nearly the amount of attention she deserves. Her style is fabulous.

  4. i love how kelly's style has evolved into this! i am definitely loving the yellow blazer! :D

    <3, Mimi

  5. musicandmollie27/10/11 20:27

    Kelly is by far my fvourite judge this year, she's such a style icon. i love the ballet skirt you picked and oh my gosh i would love to have hair as shiny as her - following! :)

    Mollie from musicandmollie

  6. The only reason I occasionally watch the X factor is for the fashion!


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