Now You See It...

Since McQueen launched his optical illusion dress in s/s 2009, other brands and designers have been creating garments that use colour and pattern to dazzle the senses. There's no need to sweat it out in the gym, or cut out all those carbs to achieve the perfect hourglass figure or knock off a few pounds, a cleverly designed dress can do it for you. We're not talking spandex panels or hidden corsets, using fabric in an intelligent way can trick the mind into seeing what is or isn't there. 

Kate Winslet recently stepped out in a figure-hugging Stella McCartney design, that emphasised her slim build and nipped her in in all the right places. 

She isn't the first celebrity to use this clever cheat though, as I have noticed:

(Apologies for the shocking cropping, since my Photoshop licence ran out it's been a constant battle with Paint to produce anything of a half-decent quality)

Although a designer dress may break the bank balance, it's still a cheaper and much less painful alternative to cosmetic surgery.

I haven't seen any high-street versions as of yet, but I'm sure it won't be long until they're offering us the perfect figure for under fifty quid.

Seoana xoxo

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