Falling for Autumn

Autumn has always been my favourite season. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy basking in the sun's glow on a hot summer's day, laying in the park sipping an ice cold cider. And I love curling up under a duvet with a hot chocolate and a box-set, watching the snow fall on a crisp winter's afternoon. But for me, there's nothing better than the autumn. Cold enough so that you have to cover up (I'm talking to all those girls whose staple wardrobe this summer consisted of butt-bearing hotpants - I saw more cheek on their behinds than on their faces), but not so arctic that you get frostbite everytime you step out of the door.

Even though I am no longer a student (cue emotional sobbing as I mourn my lost youth) I still get that nervous excitement that used to come with starting a new school year. New classes, new timetable and, best of all, new stationery! Everything is fresh and unblemished, and there is always the promise that anything can happen; this year can be whatever you decide to make it.

Then there's the beautiful, rich colour palette. The vibrant greenery that has surrounded us all summer transforms as if ablaze, into burning embers and glowing golds. There is such simple joy from traipsing through a park littered with fallen leaves, the crunchy snap as they pass underfoot and the warm, earthy smell. I am so besotted with this transient element of nature, that I once filled a whole page of a sketch book with examples of the prettiest autumn leaves I could find, adorned with some of my favourite seasonal poetry. This may seem laughable as an idea for a university project, but as the lecturer in question was completely mental, I thought she'd fully appreciate it (which she did, thanks for the 1st!).

But the best aspect of my favourite season has to be the clothes. Covering bare legs with thick, coloured tights, enclosing feet in sturdy boots, and layers, layers layers! Not to mention the colours: bye bye pastels (which, as a walking disaster, I could never fully appreciate) and hello to the darkness.

This Autumn I'll be on the lookout for anything in the daring new shade of the season, ox blood. An intense cross between red and brown with a hint of purple, this tone screams luxury and glamour, as well as having a morbid draw for the comparison to its name sake.

I'll also be embracing the great outdoors with smatterings of military chic, in the form of camo-print. I was lucky enough to pick up an army-style coat from a vintage fair recently for the bargain price of £12, a snip compared to Topshop's £75 version.

Something which I may have to turn to Topshop for are a pair of tartan print trousers. I actually picked some up while in store recently, but when I realised I would be parting with £60 for a dress, I sensibly but solemnly put them back on the rack. These bold checks are back on trend again, but with brave injections rather than subtle hints on scarves or bags. Don't worry about being mistaken for a bagpipes player, it's fashion darrrling!

Oh, and of course I'll be needing a new winter coat. There was a definitely chill in the air this morning, and my trusty leather jacket just wasn't cutting it. I've got last year's fur but as it's short, I can't wear any of my lovely long cardies with it, so I need something which I can layer up with. I'm thinking of a classic parka, another nod to the military trend, or a boyfriend style mohair, the bigger the better.

I can sense a huge dent in my bank balance approaching...but hey, it's Christmas soon! Presents anyone?

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