BEAUTY REVIEW: Bourjois 1 SECONDE nail enamel

One bonus to having a broken leg - a distinct lack of chipped nails. The absence of general hard work and physical activity means that you can maintain a manicure for weeks, even though due to boredom I find myself changing my nails to match my outfit, just because I can. 

Thanks to my lovely pal Rachael who is a PR at Bourjois, I was able to test out a range of their new colours and polishes, starting with their 1 SECONDE nail enamel

Claims: The fan-shaped brush allows you to coat your nails in one quick stroke, perfect for on-the-go fashionistas and speedy last-minute manicures. The innovative gel formula, which is enriched with silicone, provides a salon finish with a smooth and glossy result. 

I've been obsessing over all things turquoise at the moment, so I was thrilled to see this bold blue shade in my bundle of goodies. The fresh hue is perfect for the sunny weather that's finally made an appearance  and will look great with a tan. It gives good coverage with just one coat, although I did give mine a second to intensify the shade and really make it pop. 

This striking mauve hue is another colour which is great for spring. While I'm a big fan of pastel shades, they can end up looking a bit too sweet and girly, so this more intense purple makes a welcome change. Again it requires a couple of coats to emphasise the shade, but the final result is an on-trend tone that is just the thing for the approaching warmer seasons.

Verdict: The flat style brush does exactly as advertised, and makes it easy to cover your nails with one quick stroke. It's also easier to control how much polish you load on to your brush, so you don't end up with an overload of varnish on your nail. I was also really impressed with the gel texture, which did provide a more professional finish compared to some other brands. The high-shine quality looked really great with these pretty colours, and I was impressed with how the rich texture evened out my nail beds too. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend these polishes, even if you're not a sucker for the quick application and perfect finish claims I'm sure the trendy shades will definitely appeal! 

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